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2019-2020 Tuition & Fees

Application:      $150.00 This fee is non-refundable and due with application.

Enrollment:       $150.00 This fee is due upon acceptance and is non-refundable unless 

                             the school is unable to enroll the student.

Re-Enrollment:  $125.00 This fee applies to all current Victory Academy Students. It is non-refundable.

Supply fees

  • This fee includes books and additional supplies for specials & electives.
  • Fees are due by July 1st  and are non-refundable.
  • A $30 late fee will be assessed if supply fees are not paid by 8/1/18.

K4-K5                    $285.00

1st-6th Grades     $350.00

7th-12th Grades   $400.00

Senior Fee            $250.00


Annual Tuition

  • Tuition can be paid on a 10 month or 12 month plan. Please note that if a plan is selected, there will be no recalculations for early payments. The payments are shown below.
  • Lunch is included in the tuition guaranteeing every student a catered meal, 2% milk or water  Monday-Friday. (As of now food will be catered by local catering company located in Orlando.  

10 Month Plan




Scholarships  are available.

Step Up For Student Scholarship- Application available at

AAA Scholarship- Applications available at

*Please note that if your student is a recipient of a scholarship, payment plans do not apply. Please inquire  about special instances where a payment arrangement is allowed.