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For a complete list of all of Victory Academy's policies, please refer to the current year's Parent/Student Handbook.

Dress Code

Victory Academy develops a dress code to develop student attitudes and behaviors that would honor our Lord Jesus Christ and to promote spiritual growth.  We desire all of our actions, words, deeds, and appearance and those of our students to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.  We often express our modesty and intentions of our hearts in how we dress. In turn, the way we dress affects our self-esteem, behavior, relationships, and schoolwork.  All students are required to wear approved apparel to comply with VA's dress code. See uniform page.

Reporting Educator Misconduct


Q. Who should report misconduct?

A. In accordance with the law, ALL employees, support personnel and agents of a private school have a duty to report known, observed, or suspicious misconduct.

Q. When should you report misconduct?

A. Immediately!


Q. Who should you report?

A. Classroom teachers, teacher aides, substitute teachers, volunteers, librarians, guidance counselors, social workers, career specialists, school psychologists, principals, assistant principals, administrators, and school owners.  


Q. What are some examples of misconduct?

​A. Following are examples of misconduct.  However, misconduct is not limited to just these examples.

•        being alone with a student in a dark or closed room

•        using forceful or unnecessary physical contact with a student 

•        mocking, belittling or chronically embarrassing a student 

•        cheating, falsifying information or testing violations

•        retaliating against a student or colleague for reporting misconduct

•        directing or using profane, offensive, or explosive language in the presence of students

•        making lewd or suggestive comments or overtures toward a student or colleague

•        suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Q. How do you report misconduct?

A. If you witness or suspect misconduct, you should immediately report it to Mrs. Katherine Norfleet at 407-985-1949.

B. Document the activities or details of the event.

C. Secure evidence (if applicable)

Q. What are the consequences for failing to report misconduct?

​A. If you fail to report a known misconduct, the possible penalties may include:

•        written reprimand

•        suspension with or without pay

•        termination

•        revocation of an educator’s certificate

Q. What are the penalties for misconduct?

A.  Misconduct will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Certain instances of misconduct will result in immediate termination and may be subject to law enforcement intervention. Some instances will result in a meeting and reprimand by an administrator with attempt to correct the misconduct.  Any employee who is called in twice by an administrator for the same offense will be subject to termination.  In any instance however, written documentation will be placed in an employee’s file for all accounts of misconduct.


If you know of or observe behavior that is unprofessional or detrimental as it relates to the children in your school by a person in any of the categories shown above, you should report that person by following the school’s established reporting procedures.

If someone tells you about misconduct, be a LEADER:




Act immediately