Music Department

  • Recording Arts
  • Music Theory
  • Flutophone

Our music department will inspire every student to reach deep and find the music within. In this department, students will have the opportunity to learn basic music theory, vocal techniques, and be introduced to and taught how to use some of the latest recording software.

Drama Department

  • Theatre
  • Speech

Our drama department will awaken the imagination in every student. Students will have the opportunity to explore the world of theatre while learning the stage and how to express themselves in confidence in front of an audience.

Art Department

In our art department, students learn the basics of art by exploring history and cultures around the world. Techniques both familiar and nearly lost to time create opportunities for imagination and discovery. Our art teacher strives to keep the projects unique and open ended to give each student the chance to find their own talent within the visual art. Whether it's painting using string and a technique from native Mexico or weaving straw sculptures  with Finnish style or even fabricating paper cuts from Japan, students always have something new to learn and explore.

Discover. empower. FUEL.


Victory Academy uses the A Beka Book curriculum.  Courses include core classes such as Language Arts, Math, Natural & Social Sciences, and Technology, as well as various special courses that are geared towards the creative and visual arts.

​Field trips will be integrated throughout the curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to explore new cultures and situations.  This factor is key to our philosophy of ensuring that our students are valuable assets to society.  Each class will travel on several field trips throughout the year to include the following venues: art museums, theater shows, cultural festivals, and professional sporting events.  We believe in the importance of making our students aware of all the diverse and rich cultures, in our community.  These outings will be educational trips of the highest caliber, providing rich opportunities for personal and academic growth.  


A Beka is a leading educational program with a proven track record of providing over 50 years of excellence in education. Our program focuses on developing and mastering the student’s communicative skills beginning with a strong reading and writing program.